Saturday, April 25, 2009

Friday night

So Ali-Sun came over yesturday around 4 and we went to Jose Tejas.Which is the best Mexican food ever if I may say so. We spent aq gewd hour there and as we were there all these old people thought we were married it was funny.So then afterwards Ali_sun decieded o bring me clothes shopping for her spring clothes.HOLY POOP I have never seen so many diffrent styles just for one item in my life untill yesurday. xP
Then we decieded to go to my side of town and go to Menlo.At Menlo we met John&Joe after we found Aryelle, Aryelle left us and we decieded to hang out with John and Joe. That was interesting in all
Then James came and we all went to Plaza dinner and had garlic bread with eggs =D it was yummy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Then Ali-Sun had to drop John off home,and she decieded to go home to.(Joe left like 2 hours before) So then James and I decieded to go to Noelles house and we just ate some more fewd, and hungout with her.That was funny.And at the same tym Daisy(her dog)like attacked me(not literally)She just deciedede to follow me and let me pet her constantly....
Then I got home and passed out till 12:21 am...opps I missed the open house.. xD

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