Wednesday, April 29, 2009



ahhhhhhugh!........ so i figured ill type away my emotions nd thoughts instead of holding them inside. xD...WOO the world can see...
ok so everywhere i go no i see D (im not using their whole name) its like ugh!!!!i really dont want to see them because i just want to smack myself when i do..complicated story?...this probably makes no sense.But than its like i forget about them and im all hyper and peppy like usual and dim just signing onto Facebook and first status update i c is "D.P.:'cooment my pix'" with their adorable nesnesnesnes...awhhhhhhhhhhhhhugh is all i can say....and worse comes to worse im going to run into them first period tommorow...woooonot...... hmmm maybe ill wear somethign tht is like :P idk ugh!

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